Tala Coffee Roasters: The Ideal Coffee Shop


Clare Lawler, Editor

With patterned wallpaper adorning the walls and the heavenly aroma of fresh brewed coffee in the air, Tala Coffee Roasters in Highwood is the quintessential coffee shop.

While it is by no means a hidden gem (it’s extraordinarily popular among LFHS students), it’s a fun study spot for students cramming for AP exams and a phenomenal place to hang out with friends. If you go, you’ll find teenagers socializing, adults reading, and families hanging out—it’s the perfect place for anyone.

Tala Coffee Roasters offers a variety of creative coffee drinks ranging from almond milk matcha lattes (my personal favorite) to your classic espresso.

They share the building (an old fire department) with Mike’s Ice Cream. It is tremendously convenient to have ice cream so close by (especially on a scorching summer day). Mike’s Ice Cream sells eccentric yet mouthwatering ice cream flavors as well as sundaes.

Fans of Hansa Coffee Roasters in Lake Bluff: Don’t fret about Tala overpowering the beoved Hansa—both coffee shops and unique in their own way and offer different environments. Hansa fosters a homey, laid-back environment, which better lends itself to studying than Tala; Tala invites larger groups and more upbeat music with its large garage door windows that send light streaming through the coffee shop.

If you find yourself searching for a study spot or craving marvelous coffee, be sure to check out Tala Coffee Roasters.