Avengers Endgame: A Worthy Conclusion

Avengers Endgame: A Worthy Conclusion

Nathaniel Martin, Staff Writer

Avengers Endgame cemented itself in movie history when it brought home over $1.2 billion dollars during its opening weekend. $30 of the dollars were mine. I had bought tickets to go with friends Saturday at midnight more than a month in advance, and then lucked into getting another ticket for a show later that morning.

As a whole, watching Endgame was an experience I will never forget. Watching the movie in a packed theater at midnight with all my Marvel friends around me was a blast. We hooted and hollered; it was a party.

Avengers Endgame picks up right where Avengers Infinity War leaves off. The remaining Avengers must deal with the repercussions of their failure to stop Thanos and how they might find a way to bring everyone back.

Because I’m more of an optimist, I’ll touch on things the movie did really well first.

Endgame does a great job bringing together the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. Most Avengers movies require a little bit of prior knowledge of past MCU movies, but Endgame is different. You cannot walk into Endgame without having seen a sizeable share of MCU movies. Off the top of my head, I can count references to 12 of the 22 movies. For moviegoers with a musical mind, they can notice motifs from the different movies.

The movie gives moviegoers what they want to see. For people who got chills during Civil War when the camera panned both Team Captain America and Team Iron Man, there’s more of that. Captain America gives his annual pep talk before a mission, and as usual it ends just before it gets cheesy. That being said, Cap does have his share of one-liners where you just have to shake your head and say “Of course, he said that.”

Endgame does something no other MCU movie has done before: bring closure. ”

Last but not least, Endgame does something no other MCU movie has done before: bring closure. Endgame wraps up the first overarching storyline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it does without leaving too many loose ends. In this writer’s opinion, that’s what it does best. It finishes the story.

However, no movie is perfect. If you show up to Endgame with a clipboard and pencil and try to map out the plot/timeline of each character you’re going to end up frustrated and with a headache.

It’s also noticeable that some characters don’t quite feel right. Sometimes it felt like a character was brought in for one particular scene or action, and then once they did said action, they were tossed (or punched) aside never to be seen again.

Some parts of Endgame can be hard to follow, but at this point you need to pause in your analysis and realize: it’s a superhero movie. It’s already completely fantastical and wild.

To finish, Endgame is a conclusion that all Marvel fans should be proud of. It’s funny, it has wonderful music, and it has larger than life heroes doing larger than life things. Enjoy the experience.

Quick PSA: There is no post credit scene. There is a post credit sound which is another nod to a previous film, but no post credit scene.