Is Impeachment on the Table?


Kyle Platt

For the past two years, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been in the midst of a massive investigation of Russian collusion in the 2016 presidential election and possible obstruction of justice charges against President Trump. After concluding the investigation, Mueller turned in the over four hundred page report that went along with it to Attorney General William Barr. Despite persistent requests from Congress members, primarily Democrats, for Barr to immediately release the entire report, the A.G. maintained that he had to thoroughly comb through Mueller’s findings for any information unsuitable for public eyes.

While he did not release the report after receiving it from Mueller, Barr told the American public that no evidence found in the report could definitively find the President guilty of obstruction of justice. Throughout the investigation, President Trump claimed it was a “witch hunt” and that no evidence of collusion would be found. When Barr announced that he had read the report and it seemed as though the President was not involved in collusion, Trump acted relieved, saying he was happy that the witch hunt was finally over.

On April 18th, Barr finally released the redacted version of the Mueller Report, first to Congress, then to the public. Although no clear evidence finds Trump or his campaign guilty of collusion, the report turns out to be more inconclusive than actually clearing the President of charges. By leaving the report open ended with ten possible scenarios of obstruction of justice, Mueller opens the door for lawmakers to further investigate the President.

Shortly after Mueller concluded the investigation, Trump had proudly exclaimed “No collusion!” as he thought the long investigation would be the end of attempts to find evidence of impeachable actions he performed. Now, however, he seems to be becoming more anxious as Democrats are seriously pondering the idea of impeachment. Although many Democrats, including Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, are trying to steer their party away from attempting impeachment, others are now considering it as a serious possibility.

It seems as though Trump didn’t understand that while Mueller did not accuse him of anything in the report, Democrats can still do their own investigating. He has since ditched his overly confident attitude in exchange for a defensive one, claiming, “…I had the system rigged on me.” At this point, it is up to Democrats to make the decision on whether or not impeachment is a good option. One thing is certain though: if impeachment is pursued, Trump is prepared to fight back and has vowed to block all subpoenas coming his way, after all, according to himself, he has already been the “most transparent President and administration in the history of our country by far.”