Spring Smoothies


Ashley Colquhoun

As spring is starting to creep upon us, a smoothie starts to sound very refreshing! They are great for so many options, either an after school snack or a quick to go breakfast. Smoothies are a great way to include so many different healthy produce that maybe you aren’t the biggest fan of. I know for me, I do not like kale or spinach but my way of eating it is by putting it in a smoothie. I buy most of my frozen fruits from Trader Joe’s and then get my fresh produce from Heinen’s or Fresh Market. My favorite brand for coconut water is Vita Coco, pure coconut water and can be found at most grocery stores or even Target. Here are a few recipes for you to try out this spring!

Kale Smoothie: My favorite is super easy, only has five ingredients but is really high in vitamin c, a powerful antioxidant and helps with hydration from the coconut water.
Coconut water
Orange juice













Fruity Fun: This one is a great after school snack, has lot of natural sugar for a boost before sports practice. This is high in natural vitamins, rich in potassium, which can help to lower and regulate blood pressure.
Coconut water or orange juice














Green Smoothie: This is an awesome breakfast smoothie once again, being very high antioxidant smoothie with a healthy saturated fat from the coconut oil and a good source of protein. You will get a nice kick start to your day!
Handful of spinach
Handful of kale
1 frozen banana
Tablespoon of coconut oil
Small scoop of plant based protein powder
Coconut water