Sport Scouts (Episode Nine)

NFL Draft Hype/Interruptions, Stevie Y, Robbie Gould (?), etc. Back Home, NBA Playoffs, and Cubbies (wsg Jay DeCoster)


Mark Smirnov

More clothes worn to celebrate the recent sports headlines - this time Joey Goodsir joins Raupp with his Steve Yzerman jersey. Yzerman was hired to be the Detroit Red Wings' new GM Friday, returning to his career-spanning home as a player. "Stevie" is also the namesake of Goodsir's dog.

Joey Goodsir and Michael Raupp


Joey and Michael talk about Steve Yzerman returning home to the Detroit Red Wings as General Manager, the NBA Playoffs, Cubs Baseball, Bears rumors, and more Stanley Cup coverage. The two sit down with Bear Down Weekly co-host Jay DeCoster to preview the NFL Draft, while a pair of “long time callers, first time listeners” storm in on the segment to deliver their original hot takes in person (Recorded Wednesday, April 24).


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MUSIC:“Heavy Action” (ESPN Monday Night Football Theme) – Johnny Pearson, “Sweet Victory” (From Spongebob SquarePants) – David Glen Eisley, Bob Kulick, Eric Singer

*Unfortunately, there will not be a Sport Scouts’ “Second Chance” Stanley Cup Playoffs Bracket Group…