Sport Scouts (Episode Eight)

The Greatest Redemption Story Ever, and Some Other Stuff (wsg Mark Smirnov)


Goodsir joins Raupp with his TW Nike hat - and for good reason.

Joey Goodsir and Michael Raupp


Joey and Michael talk about Tiger Woods winning the 2019 Masters Championship, the Tampa Bay Lightning, Tiger Woods, Russell Wilson, Tiger Woods, Anthony Davis, and Tiger Woods (in case you didn’t notice, we were really interested in talking about an absolutely gigantic story this week). The two break down the NFL Schedules in addition to taking your calls as always on topics such as Carlos Zambrano’s return to Chicago (or at least Rosemont), and Dwayne Haskins. They are also joined by guest Mark Smirnov to talk Stanley Cup Playoffs (Recorded Thursday, April 18).


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“Tiger Woods’ Legend Keeps Growing After His 5th Masters Win” video narrated by Wright Thompson (ESPN).

MUSIC: “NHL On NBC Theme”, “Brass Bonanza” – Hartford Whalers Victory March (Jack Say)