How To Find A Last Minute Roommate


Tatum Litzsinger, Staff Writer

If you’re a senior, you know the classic small talk conversation known as college. However, now that most students know where they will be living for the next four years, there is a new college-related topic being discussed: roommates.  

Students who committed to a college or university early in the year most likely have already found someone to live with in a small two person dorm. However, there is another group of students who have just recently heard back from deferrals or regular decision and have recently found out where they will be.  

Because it seems as everyone always has a roommate, the stress of meeting someone, talking to them, and asking the scary “Do you have a roommate?” question seems overwhelming.  

To make this process easier, here are some easy ways to find someone to room with without having to be put in a random room with someone you have never met.


The Facebook Page

The first way you can meet people going to your school is to join the Class of ‘23 page on Facebook for your school. On the Facebook page, students can post pictures and comments about their personality and what they like to do in their free time.  

The Facebook group is a great first step in looking into who is going to your school. However, many students seem to agree on the notion that most people say the same thing on the Facebook page. This being: I like to go out but also like to stay in some nights or I am easygoing and flexible.  


Texting/Direct Messaging

Just the Facebook page can make it hard to distinguish someone who would mesh well with you. So, the next step you can take to find a roommate is to text people you know. If you know someone who lives in the area where you’re going to college, reach out to them, and see if they know anyone going to your school.

Try to reach out to lots of people to get a better chance of finding someone without a roommate.  They will have good insight on the person they give to you and will have a better understanding on how you would connect to that person because they know both of you on a personal level.


Get Involved

Another way to get yourself out there is to attend your school’s upcoming events for incoming freshman. Whether it’s an admitted students day on campus or in your local area, you will have the opportunity to meet other students who are in your position.  

When you go to a school for candidates/admitted students day, you not only get to see what a day at your school is like but also the opportunity to meet other incoming freshman. A more effective way of communicating than texting, seeing someone in person gives you a much higher possibility of a connection with them.

If you have decided your major or area of study, you can get a tour of the school for your major with other students who will be studying the same thing. Having a roommate who has similar classes as you could result in a helpful study buddy.  

Going to an admitted students day is also a great resource because not everyone who goes has decided if they are attending your school next year. This ensures they don’t have a roommate and helps spark easy conversation about what their plans are for your school or about the other schools they’re considering.  

Hopefully all three of these ideas are helpful to you when finding your roommate. The most important thing is to put yourself out there, reach out to friends and be outgoing. Finding a roommate should be something exciting and not stressful, so use these tips and you should have a roommate in no time!