First Ever LFHS Post Prom Party


Picture this: you’re on the bus coming home from prom, you just rocked it on the dance floor, your feet hurt, but something is wrong. You know you don’t want the night to be over yet. You have no plans, your parents are home, what are you going to do? Well, you’re in luck. This year marks the first-ever LFHS Post Prom Party!

This year all of the students attending prom have the fun opportunity to continue their prom night after the buses return to LFHS. This event is open to all prom attendees. Even if you’re not planning on going to the actual dance, juniors and seniors can arrange to be included as well! As your bus rolls out of the Westin parking lot, you do not need to worry about finding a ride or Ubering home quite yet. All prom attendees coming to this party will board the first buses from the Westin and be taken directly to the Lake Forest Club. If attending the Post Prom Party, you can drop a car at the designated parking lot earlier in the evening and be picked up at the end. Students will be asked to bring a bag of casual change of clothes to LFHS when they arrive for the Red Carpet. Dry cleaner bags and hangers will be available at the venue to hang formalwear.

This event occurs from the time the buses roll back into town until 3 a.m. at the Lake Forest Club. The fee is only $5 per person! You may ask, why is this event worth going to? Am I even going to have fun? The answer is obviously yes! How could you not have fun with food, drinks, activities, games, and prizes? Activities include a henna artist, Instagram backgrounds, vintage video games, karaoke, games, and prizes (yes, we are talking prizes)! Approximately 50 local businesses have donated prizes including a flat screen smart TV, Airpods, and gift cards to Lululemon, Starbucks, Forest Bootery, Maevery, Dunkin, Subway, and on and on and on… I mean, could you want anything else out of your post-prom experience?

Organized post-prom parties are a nationwide trend to offer students and all-inclusive activity-filled, fun casual place to continue the prom celebration. Deerfield High School has had a highly successful post-prom party since 2012 with 97% of its students in attendance.

Attempts to offer a post-prom activity were made in the past by offering a bus to Six Flags. There were problems with that, though, in that weather was sometimes uncooperative, it was far away, students got separated from each other and the activity was open to multiple high schools. But this year things are different. We are lucky to be apart of the premiere of the first local Lake Forest Post Prom Party!

You may be wondering who is even organizing this event? Well, The Post Prom Planning Committee (PPPC), a group of parents, students and community groups decided to come together to organize this event. The PPPC thinks it’s about time LFHS students had as much fun after prom as at neighboring high schools!

Lake Forest Club (554 N Westmoreland Rd)
After prom until 3 a.m.
All prom attendees as well as any juniors and seniors not attending prom.
For a fun night with food, drinks, activities, games, and prizes.
Want to be on the planning committee?
There’s still time to help! You can email [email protected]
Want to buy a ticket?
Register by April 25th @LakeForestPostPromParty