La Cintura wins Spanish March Madness


Tatum Litzsinger, Staff Writer

Starting before spring break, the Spanish classes participated in March Madness for Spanish music. To celebrate the music from a different culture, the Spanish teachers created a bracket of 16 popular Spanish songs.

Each song was paired with another and then played to the students in each class. After hearing each song, the students voted on their favorite.  Whichever song received the most votes, moved onto the next round and competed with another song.

After two weeks of voting, the winner of the bracket was decided. La Cintura, written by Alvaro Soler, was a crowd favorite from the start and ended up taking first place.

La Cintura is a more upbeat and positive song that is easy to move and dance to.  Even though the winning song was well-liked, some students were disappointed.

“I loved the winner. I am very disappointed that my top three lost in the first round.  I feel that people voted for Sola solely because of Luis Fonsi and don’t have sophisticated taste,” senior Lindsay Folker said.

Senior Megan Grumhaus was disappointed when describing the format of the bracket but happy with the outcome.

“I am so happy La Cintura won.  Although the competition was a little unfair between both sides of the bracket, La cintura was my favorite and had a well-deserved win,” Grumhaus said.

Other songs that performed well: Malamente by Rosalía, Sola by Luis Fonsi (singer of Despacito), Cinco Sentidos by Dvicio and Taburete, and Con Calma by Daddy Yankee and Snow.

To find all of the music just go to the Spotify app and search LFHS Locura de marzo 2019 or click on the link below.