What to do in Chicago this spring


Clare Lawler, Editor

As April begins, the snow turns to rain and the sun shines longer every day. You begin to hear the birds chirping and see flowers bloom; spring has arrived. During the month of April, the temperature stays around the 50s and 60s, making these outdoor activities perfect as long as you wear a light jacket.

Have a picnic

This spring activity is ideal for sunnier, warmer days. Just fill a picnic basket with your picnic snacks of choice (mine is a baguette, cheese, and raspberries), grab a picnic blanket, and set off for a park. Having a picnic is an easy and instagrammable way to make your weekend lunches more exciting. As far as locations go, I would recommend going to the LF beach, the LB beach, or Ft. Sheridan Forest Preserve.

Visit the Botanic Gardens

The Chicago Botanic Garden is only a 20 minute drive away from Lake Forest, making it easy to access—and admission is free! During the spring, tulips, magnolia, and irises are in bloom—so be sure to check them out this spring. There is a TrueJuice, a local smoothie and juice shop that also offers healthy snacks like granola, is in the gardens. If you’re looking for a bigger meal, the gardens have a few other places to eat as well.

Go to Lincoln Park Zoo

Two words: free admission. Located in Lincoln Park, this zoo is about an hour drive away—but worth it. Regardless of your age, going to the zoo always makes a day more fun. Some of the most exciting animals to see are the polar bears, zebras, and the big cats. Pro tip: since the zoo is in a giant park, pack a picnic basket and have a picnic before your visit. If you aren’t into picnicking, Lincoln Park Zoo has a variety of restaurants and cafes to choose from. The zoo is also known to host events such as food truck days, a 5k, and breakfast with the animals.

Splurge on lunch in Chicago

Cindy’s Rooftop, a Chicago classic, overlooks Millenium Park and offers a delicious brunch menu. As stated in the name, it has a rooftop deck where you can enjoy the fresh spring air and gorgeous views. Another restaurant, Summer House Santa Monica, isn’t exactly a hidden gem to LFHS students. However, the menu is to die for and the vibe is impeccable. If you ever find yourself with an occasion that needs celebrating or just the urge to go downtown, check out these perfect spring restaurants!