Post Spring Break Activities

Ashley Bufe

Now that spring break is over, sometimes it feels like we have a long time until the end of the year. For all the freshmen, sophomores and juniors who are looking to speed up the rest of the school year here are some fun events to look forward to.

Alumni Wall of Fame: this Friday (for Seniors):
We have an assembly to see who is getting inducted to the LFHS Wall of Fame Friday from 9:50-10:45, as we all know this is the goal of lots of alumni to want to achieve and something that we seniors all look forward to attending.

No school: April 19th:
A day off of school is always the best; you can sleep in and do whatever you want that day. It is always nice to have a day to just hang out and get done whatever you need to that you can’t do during a normal school day.

Prom: May 11th:
Prom is always something to look forward even if you are too young to attend. It’s still super fun to watch the “red carpet walk.” This year’s theme of prom is “Fly Me to the Moon.” “Each year the Junior Class Reps select a theme for the prom. Students design artwork based on the theme which is then carried through t-shirts, invitations, prom red carpet, and venue decorations. This is total student driven event supported by the LFHS staff and APT. Nearly 800 students walk a red carpet making their grand entrance to the waiting public before boarding the 18-20 coach buses. Parents, community members, faculty, and families watch the prom red carpet promenade from bleachers which are set up on the front lawn.”

Wellness Walk: May 21:
The Wellness Walk is always a fun day at school; classes are shortened to around 30 minutes long and in the middle of the day we get to go for a walk around East Lake Forest and then come back to the school to play fun games on the front lawn such as Spike Ball, play with bubbles, hula hoops, and different types of sports games to play. There are also a plethora of food trucks ready to supply LFHS students with a tasty lunch. A friendly piece of advice- get in the line early because they get long quickly. It’s normally a super nice day outside and all of the kids get t-shirt to commemorate the event

Band, Choral Concert, and Orchestra Concerts: May 21st, 22nd, and 29th:
At one point everyone has heard the band play at either sporting events or pep rallies, and we have all heard the Vocal Valentines from our outstanding chorus and the orchestra play at graduation. Both Band, Chorus and Orchestra know how to put on a great a show, and it would be something fun to go see towards the end of the school year.

Sporting Events:
Spring season of sports is in full swing such as girls soccer, lacrosse, softball, track, badminton and water polo along with boys lacrosse, baseball, tennis, track, and volleyball are competing on an almost daily basis. All of these sports can be super fun to watch and give you something to do on a weeknight if you’re finished with your homework and want something else to do or earlier on a Saturday morning.