Going to prom? Don’t miss this checklist


Ava Manelis, Editor

This May 11, juniors and seniors in their finest dresses and suits will line up in the gymnasium and walk the infamous LFHS prom red carpet, only to then be whisked away on luxurious coach buses to dance the night away at their last school dance of the year.

Watching the students walk down the red carpet, everything about them seems so simple. The perfectly hemmed dresses, meticulously done hair and nails, and flawlessly fitted suits all seem to just fall into place.

But the things those students did to lead up to their final red carpet look is a lot, and it may be rather stressful for students to make sure all of those things are done in time for prom. In order to hopefully relieve some stress, I’m here to share my idea of the things you should do ahead of time that will guarantee you a great and stress-free prom night.

The date

This is first on the list because, well, you can’t really figure out any of the smaller aspects of prom without knowing whom you’re going to go with. Although it is totally possible to go solo to prom, most people prefer to walk down the red carpet with a date or a friend, but it can be kind of stressful to figure out who to go with. Some things that could make the date-asking situation less stressful is to ask a friend from one of your classes or have your friends go with another group of friends and all hang out together. Don’t be afraid to ask your potential date’s friends if they would be interested to avoid any awkward conversations.

The outfit

Second after finding a date, your prom outfit is a very important aspect of prom day. Whether it be a dress or a suit, it can be super stressful to figure out what to wear, especially if you’re a girl and cannot possibly wear the same dress as someone else. Don’t be afraid to shop way ahead of time, like right now, so that you can have your outfit ready and be stress-free before prom, and avoid having to shop last minute. Also, I would say to borrow or trade dresses with your friends to not only avoid the stress of shopping for one but to save a ton of money, too.

The hair/makeup

This aspect of prom is one that is definitely more fun than all other aspects. I mean, who doesn’t love to get their hair, makeup, and maybe other things like nails and toes done before prom and basically be pampered all day long? Make your appointments as soon as you can to avoid any stress of not being able to get into somewhere the day of prom, and if you don’t know where to go, Blue Mercury, Le Blowout Bar, and Mario Tricoci are places I’ve been and enjoyed. If you don’t want to go somewhere, it is equally as fun to do your own hair and makeup, or hang out with your friends and get ready together (and it saves a ton of money!)

The boutonniere/corsage

The boutonniere or corsage is a very simple aspect of prom, but can be stressful if you wait until the last minute to place an order for them. Although the simple, small flowers seem like they would take a second to throw together before prom, some places around town actually take a long time. Make sure you order yours ahead of time, and of course that you communicate to your date about colors and such. Some places to order these around town are Molly Flavin, Lake Forest Flowers, and Jewel Osco.

The pre

Now, your perfect outfit and date is set, but where will you take pictures to show off your look for all your social medias? The pre-prom is very important to some people, and whether it be with a huge portion of your grade or a small group of your closest friends, it is usually pretty fun. But it can be stressful to figure out who’s house to go to for pre, so don’t be afraid to go to public places like the Lake Forest Beach or even a nearby park if you can’t find anywhere.

The table

The table is a part of prom that may cause a ton of fuss, but in the long run, could mean less than anything. The 12-person table may be dramatic if you have too many people or too few people in your party, but don’t let it freak you out because you sit for a very short amount of time before everyone piles on to the dance floor. It really doesn’t matter if you sit with your friends or not, and it might even be nice if you don’t because it will force you to talk to new people and make new friends. But really it doesn’t matter, so don’t worry about this aspect too much!

The post

And finally, the post-prom is something people like to figure out before the dance, but it seems like most usually figure it out very last minute. Your post doesn’t need to be a huge deal, and just hanging out or having a sleepover with your closest friends would be a super fun way to end the night. Don’t get too caught up in where you’re going after the dance because then you might forget to enjoy the actual prom!

Above all, don’t forget to have fun and make the most of your prom night! It only comes once a year, and although all of these tasks may seem rather annoying and stressful, they will all be irrelevant when you’re at prom having the time of your life. Don’t get caught up in the little things too much, and enjoy every moment of this last dance of the school year!!