Eilise Lynch’s Summer Service


Ashley Colquhoun

Most students see their summers as a precious time that does not involve school, allows for every day to be a sleep- in day, and gives them the opportunity to hang out with friends all day and night. However, for the students who find a passion for serving others, they take some of their precious time and give it to others. I had the opportunity of speaking to a student who went abroad during their summer. This profile focuses on Eilise Lynch and her journey during the summer of 2018.

“I was granted the privilege from my grandparents to go to Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam for a service project,” said Lynch. “It was the most incredible thing in the whole world and I’m so thankful I had the privilege of going.”

Lynch is passionate about her trip and is always willing to share her experience with others. She mentioned some of the things she did and the impact it had on her.

“I taught English, did a clean water project, and worked with people affected by Agent Orange. Teaching English to them is something I wish I could do for the rest of my life while in the most beautiful places I have ever been,” said Lynch.

She continued to talk about the love and kindness the children she taught showed her. Not only was she having an amazing impact on the children she was helping, they also had a large impact on her.

“While teaching English in a poor school in Cambodia, two little girls had a pad of stickers and instead of keeping them for themselves, they decided to decorate my water bottle with them. Even though they had very little, they gave what they had to make me happy. Who ever thought something as small as a sticker, given so freely and unselfishly, could have such an enormous impact,” Lynch said.

Lynch was having an amazing time on her trip and loving working with the children. As she mentioned, she was not only in Thailand but also in Cambodia and Vietnam. When she went to Cambodia, Lynch experienced something she wish she never had.

“I was on my way to Angkor Wat with some of the other members in my group when we watched a man push a woman to the ground, knock her unconscious, grab her hair and pull her into the house like she was an effortless weight. We later found out from a nearby stand that the woman we saw was most likely someone who was abducted into sex slavery,” said Lynch. This experience shocked Lynch and left her feeling helpless for the woman as they were unable to help due to the mafia’s threats, “It was one of the worst feelings.”

Lynch decided that by bringing awareness back to the States, she could help those who are affected in Cambodia. Lynch, being the strong and kind heart that she is, decided to sell bracelets and send the money back to the Covenant House in Cambodia so she could help the kids who were at risk of being abducted.

“I created a presentation and did it in any class that would let me. I also sold and am still selling bracelets from a school I worked at in Cambodia for $5 to go to the Covenant House which helps kids who have been abducted or are at risk of being so,” said Lynch.

If you are wanting to buy a bracelet in order to help this cause, feel free to contact Eilise Lynch and she would be happy to help you find a bracelet for you.

Ultimately, Lynch has shown her willingness to put others before herself. Lynch’s determination and will to be so open to new opportunities is amazing.