Thursday’s 13: Ashley Bufe


Bobby Winebrenner

Ashley Bufe is a senior midfielder for the Scouts who currently sit at 2-1 on the season.

When and why did you start playing soccer?

I started playing soccer when I was four; I don’t really remember why, probably just because my sister played and I feel like every little kid plays soccer.

Do you have a favorite memory of the sport?

My favorite memory is probably when my club team would go to Arizona for soccer tournaments. It was always a fun tournament cause it would be nice outside and the teams we played were really good.

What’s the goal for this year’s soccer team?

Of course the goal is to win state, that is always the main focus of our season. I feel that we have a really good shot at it this year cause we are in the 2A division this season which will give us a better shot at making it to state.

Who’s a candidate to be a breakout star this year?

I think the new girls will be great additions to the team; they are eager for a great season and will be great with our style of play.

Any pre-game rituals you have?

Some pre game rituals I have is that I normally like to listen to music that hypes me up before games. I don’t really like to goof off before the games or anything I kind of try to get in the zone and have the right mental mindset going into the game.

Do you have a favorite opponent to play?

I would say Loyola and New Trier because a lot of girls on that team are on our club teams so we are good friends with them and when we play them it’s fun to see them again and play against them.

Do you have a favorite soccer player to look up to?

Probably my sister, Sheridan, she has always been a great role model in my life and she has accomplished so much in her soccer career. During her sophomore year of high school, they won the IHSA state championship in 2014 and then during her sophomore year of college, her team, Toledo, won the MAC championship in 2017. My whole life I have seen hard work at the sport and you can just tell it’s something she really loves and has a passion for so that’s a big reason why I look up to her so much.

What’s your favorite aspect of the sport?

My favorite aspect of the sport is that its a team sport, whether you win or lose you’re always in it as a team, not one person wins the game or loses. We all work hard for each other and we all are striving for the same goal, no matter if your starting or on the bench I feel that our team always has a great attitude and is awesome at supporting each other. I know that when I do something bad, like give a bad pass, instead of having everyone on the team rolling their eyes, everyone is always clapping and either saying “shake it off” or “you’re good, get it back” and I feel that that is how a team should support each other.

If you could be any animal what would it be and why?

I don’t really know, probably a dog cause all my dogs do are eat and sleep.

You can travel to any place in the world with all expenses paid, where would it be?

Probably Mykonos, Greece. I have always wanted to travel there. I see so many pictures of it and it looks so pretty.

If you could pick up a walk song, what would it be?

Our team’s song is “Always Be My Baby” by Mariah Carey so probably that, that the first song that always plays for our warm up.

Favorite lunch spot in the area?

The Other Door.

If your house is burning and you can only take 3 things what would it be? (Family, phone, and pets are safe)

My hydroflask, and what Turelli said, “A good attitude, a new perspective about life and the value of things since my house just burned down.”