Upping your spring break Insta game


Lily Fitzgerald, Staff Writer

If you go on vacation for spring break but don’t post any pictures, did you ever really go?

With spring break next week it’s officially time to start shopping for trendy outfits and thinking about what captions to use for your Instagram pictures. As we all know, spring break serves one purpose: To provide every teenage girl a prime time to snag the perfect pics in an effort to up her Insta feeds. Duh.

If you are a girl reading this, you will know exactly what I’m talking about. However, if you are a boy or even an adult, you are about to learn what goes on behind the scenes when it comes to being a basic teenage girl.

Some people can’t get enough of seeing all their friends cool pictures, while others can’t stand scrolling through the same pictures over and over for a week. But if you’re interested to know, here are all the things you will definitely be seeing on social media in about 1 ½ weeks.

First off, the bathing suits.

A girls swimsuit tells a lot about who she is. If they like a little risk, they will be wearing some kind of animal print bathing suit this year. Whether it be cheetah or snakeskin, you’ll know she has a little bit of a wild side.

For girls who like to be plain without being boring, you’ll see them in a one-shoulder bikini. This can make any bikini go from bland to brand. Someone with a lot of confidence and likes to be unique will be rocking a strappy one-piece swimsuit. Girls wear these not to tan, but strictly for pictures. If you’re really trying to wow your followers, you’ll have a strappy one-piece.

Lastly and finally, underwire is back. This spring break will probably be the first time in decades that underwire will make an appearance.

Next, Sunglasses.

As time goes on, sunglasses seem to be getting smaller and smaller in shape. Believe it or not, people are now wearing sunglasses that barely cover half of their eye. Why? Because it’s trendy. When you see a girl in these sunglasses, just know she doesn’t actually wear them to protect her eyes– they are simply for style and pictures. However, if you think bigger is better, don’t worry, those are in too.

The bigger sunglasses that are in are right now are the huge black glasses with a flat top. You’ll look like a Kardashian if you whip these babies out on the beach.

Another pair of sunnies that are similar but still different from the flat tops are actually the no tops. They cut off the plastic from the top of the glasses, making the lens visible. Very few people have these right now, so if you see someone who has them on spring break, they should get some appreciation.

Lastly, those who like a simple sense of style will likely be wearing the circle Rayban glasses. Not only are they trendy, but these sunglasses are actually useful.

While looking out for these trendy suits and sunnies, you might also notice how girls will be editing their pictures this break.

As of this year, there has been a huge outbreak in the app Picsart and photoshopping photos of yourself. This means putting images on top of your own pictures. Things like symbols, words, drawings, and pop art are some of the things girls love to paint all over their pictures. They do this to make their photos really pop on their feed and it makes themselves seem more artistically advanced than they actually are.

Along with these edits, you cannot forget about the most important part of posting a picture: the caption.

So why are captions such a big deal? A picture speaks a thousand words, right? Wrong. In the Instagram world where pictures of you in a bathing suit or your ‘foodie’ pics, a caption could make the difference between a like and no like. A caption is like the cherry on top of the picture, so you better make it good. Here are just a few examples of all the captions you really shouldn’t use, but you will definitely be seeing anyways on spring break:

-”Never coming home”

-”LF to FL”

-”Palm trees and ocean breeze”

-”Higher altitude, higher attitude”

-”Beach hair don’t care”


-”Son of a beach”

-”Good times and tan lines”

-”Girls just wanna have sun”

-”Traded snow for sand”

-”Tan lines will fade but the memories will last forever”

-”Sandy toes, sunkissed noes”

-”85 degrees but I’m still fresh”

So now that you know the trends, let’s talk about how “extra” girls can be.

For those of you who don’t know, being extra can be defined as over the top, excessive, or dramatic behavior. This is very common among teenage girls, especially on spring break. Here are some of the things you cannot miss.

#1. Girls will wear layering jewelry and white sneakers with their bathing suit. To help you better understand, the girls aren’t actually wearing the jewelry when they’re out tanning, it would get way too hot and leave some funky tan lines. They simply put it on for the picture. And it’s the same thing for the sneakers. Do you really think some girl is gonna put these on to run around in the sand? Obviously, no girl is gonna wanna get her brand new Nike Air Force 1 shoes dirty.

#2. Believe it or not, giant floaties aren’t really used to float on! Have you ever seen a giant pineapple or swan on your feed? Some girls are too scared to get their hair wet, so they will actually risk sitting on the floaty in the water for five minutes just to get the perfect picture. This is a true example of how brutal it is being extra.

#3. Ordering exotic looking foods so you can post it on your Insta-story is a true classic. Nothing will make your followers more jealous than to see your acai bowls and your cappuccino with avocado toast in the morning. And it’ll cost you, but it’s worth it if your extra extra. Basically, the more expensive your food is, the cooler your social media will look. It’s a basic fact.

#4. Girls will actually fake tan BEFORE they go on vacation. No one wants to look pale in their vacation pictures and you definitely don’t want to risk getting burnt the first day. So a fake tan is a perfect solution to these potential issues.

Hopefully, you learned something new after reading this. Be sure to look for this years spring break trends while you scroll through your Instagram feed and do not make these social media faux pas this season.