Girls’ Badminton Preview


Kenleigh Theis

The Lake Forest High School Girls’ Varsity Badminton Team started its spring season on February 25th.

Led by Mrs. Frye, the team is anticipating another successful season. The LFHS Badminton Team has historically played well. This past year, however, the success rate soared. Last year, the team performed the best the program ever has. Both their doubles teams and a singles player made it to state. With these three scores, the team finished fifteenth in state.

So far, the girls have not disappointed. They began their season with a 3-0 win against Conant High School, Barrington High School, and Waukegan High School.

Believing that the team will only continue to trend upwards, the girls are excited for what is to come. The Badminton Team anticipates wins out of the rest of their fifteen matches this season. They also have the possibility to host sectionals, but are currently unsure.

Senior captain Anisha Paruchuru says, “We are looking forward to postseason play the most, [especially because] badminton is looking to return to state!” Last year, doubles pair Nika Belova/ Grace Gescheidle and Anisha Paruchuru/ Paige Dillow made it to state. These teams are hoping to return to Charleston, IL, to place even higher at state this year.

To get to state, the team practices relentlessly. They have practices after school, before school (starting at 6:15, even on block days!), and sometimes even both. Their impressive practice schedule and dedication is what will bring these girls to the top. Additionally, their passion for the sport is evident from all the girls. Senior captain Anisha Paruchuru gushes about how much she loves the sport saying, “We just love getting out onto the court and playing because it is such a fun and unique sport.”

The team is coached by Mrs. Frye. With the help of senior captains, Anisha Paruchuru, Bridget McGreevy, and Paige Dillow, the girls are confident that they will continue to bring the team to success. Their expertise and leadership skills will be especially useful in these upcoming weeks as they prepare to face their rival, Libertyville High School.

The Girls Varsity Badminton team is looking forward to participating in a quad tomorrow (3/20/19) at Stevenson and another away match at Zion this Thursday (3/21/19). Make sure to cheer them on as they face these teams! Additionally, home games usually start between 4-4:30 in the Field House. Check the school website for the team schedule and come support!

For more information and team updates, follow @lfhsvarsitybadminton on Instagram! Best of luck to the LFHS Girls Varsity Badminton team, and Go Scouts!