Leaving LFHS- A Quote Story


Shaffer Franklin

In this quote story, I went around Lake Forest High School and asked some seniors how they are feeling about going off to college. These are their responses.


“I’m excited to get out of the bubble, but thankful for the opportunities presented here” – Anonymous.


“I am very excited and the nerves have not hit yet. But I’m trying to stay positive about leaving Lake Forest and finding friends in college” – Ashley Colquhoun.


“I’m so excited to get out of Lake Forest and be on my own for the first time!” – Anonymous.


“Part of me is excited for the opportunity but the other half just wants to be five and have nap time in school” – Alex Thoms.


“I know that there will be challenges I don’t know exist yet; you’re living on your own!” – Anonymous.


“Uneasy” – Will Zordani.


“I’m scared but ready to be on my own and almost start over” – Anonymous.


“I’m really going to miss seeing my best friends every day” – Allie Becker.


“I’m excited for the new experience, but I’m nervous to start a new part of my life!” – Anonymous.


“I don’t feel like it’s a real thing yet. I think we will all quickly realize how unprepared we are for life and how over prepared we are in terms of academics. I’m excited for all of us to have space to reset and keep building on who we are” – Anna Aquino.


“I’m really nervous but excited at the same time. I’m really excited to meet new people but I’m also really sad to leave everyone here. We’ve grown up with the same people for years and it’s sad that we are all leaving” – Anonymous.  


“Sad, but ready” – Anonymous.