C Lunch Scramble


Emma Kelly, Staff Writer

As the big hand strikes 9 on the clock in the upper commons, students begin to eye the double doors, where they know the chaos is about to start.

The time is now 11:45 a.m., and the mad scramble for C Lunch has begun.

Some seniors pour into the upper commons, hustling to get to their cars in an attempt to beat the rush. With so many seniors taking advantage of their off campus privilege, you might think that this would clear up some space.

But you’d be wrong.

Not only are the commons flooded with students, but the cafeteria, lunch lines, and coffee shop are jam-packed. C Lunch is now a fight to just find a place to eat.

Students often frantically arrange tables and chairs, or trying to fit three times the people at a normal table.

The spaces to eat are so overcrowded that some people end up eating on the floor, or not even eating lunch at all.

“It is an organized chaos,” study hall teacher Mrs. Hektor said. “There are kids all over, even eating on the floor. It’s like one big club or lounge.”

Senior MJ Scully said some seniors are forced to break the rules and eat in study hall.

“There is never anywhere for seniors to sit in the lower commons,” Scully said. “We often have to eat in study hall, which is not allowed and disrespectful to Mrs. Hektor, but we have no choice.”

At the beginning of the semester, Mrs. Hektor was very strict about her no eating policy. But now that she sees all of these kids with no where to eat, she has become somewhat lenient to changing the rule.