Scouts Men’s Lacrosse Preview


Thomas Dixon, author

Spring is finally here, and that means the beginning of the long-anticipated 2019 lacrosse season is upon us. The LFHS men’s lacrosse program has been practicing every week since September in order to prepare themselves for the upcoming season. The team is led by captains George Schoettle, Tommy Henry, Danny Moorhead, Bobby Winebrenner, and Matthew Garrigan. Heading into their second week of practices, they have something to prove after the crushing loss against Grayslake North last year in the playoffs. LFHS’ men’s lacrosse team certainly has been pushing all boundaries to become better as a program and a team.

“We’ll have a solid defense which should keep us in games, it’s about getting everyone involved on offense… that will be our X-factor,” said senior Bobby Winebrenner when talking about what will set this team apart from the previous years.

That “X-factor” is certainly going to be put to the test, as the team is certainly expected to be a contender in the playoffs, being pre-ranked 4th in the state. This year, the coaches and captains have put an emphasis on team, with team members organizing more team events, and the coaches pushing everyone to work together for the common goal of winning state.

“We’ll expect a lot out of the younger guys on the team,” said Danny Moorhead explaining that everyone is going to need to play at the same level.

When not on the field, the team is working together to condition and bond. The captains have started hosting 6 am lifts and practices, which is a schedule that has the team occasionally practicing twice a day. The attitude has certainly shown a shift from previous years.

“I think everyone is more bought in this year, kids are taking this season more seriously than in years past,” said senior Bobby Winebrenner.

“I’d say any guy on our roster can contribute at any given time, I also feel like we are much more motivated as a group,” continued sophomore Matthew Garrigan

This year is a turning point for the lacrosse team, everyone is playing for the team, rather than playing for themselves like in years past. “It’s less about the individual talent this year, we’re working more as a team,” explained senior Danny Moorhead.

This season has been taken very seriously by everyone. From the newcomers on the team, all the way up to the coaching staff, this season is different.  LFHS’s Men’s Lacrosse Team has something to prove to themselves, and everyone else this year. Catch them on varsity field Thursday, March 21st, where the Scouts will take on the Arrowhead Warhawks.