Grade A Compost Looking to turn LFHS Green


Connor Clark

A new company is on the rise within the walls of Lake Forest High School, looking to make a change in the way we dispose of our garbage and to help the environment. The Company “Grade A Compost” has been started up by a group of LFHS students: Carrie Saginur, Ella Marquart, Camy Esplin, Sebastian Puerto, and Kai Kroeger.

What is “Grade A Compost?”
Grade A Compost is a service that takes the food waste that is accumulated in suburban and rural schools and turns it into compost/fertilizer to then be sold back to the schools to be used to fulfill their landscaping needs in a more sustainable manner. This service will significantly cut down on the amount of waste and it will positively impact the environment as well as the health of the students and staff members. Every Friday you can find compost bins throughout the LFHS Cafeteria and Coffee Shop. It is super easy to put your trash into the bins and help the environment out!

What CAN be Composed
Many things that you consume in your everyday life can be composed and you may not even know it! Things such as fruit, vegetables, coffee ground and filters, tea bags, paper napkins, and brown paper bags can all be composed. These are all things that are in high quantities throughout the eating areas of LFHS, and if you all help out, the composting can be an enormous success.

What CAN NOT be Composed
Now with all of these things that CAN be composed, you must be careful with things you CAN NOT compose. Things such as plastic, dairy, meat, anything cooked, and processed foods all may not be composed. This can really disrupt the process of composing the materials that can actually be composed and therefore this process will have no positive effects on the school, Grade A Compost, or most importantly, the environment.

Composting can have huge positive effects on our surrounding environment that has endured many problems over recent years with all of our pollution methods. Composting will not only help the environment but our school and surrounding schools as well, being able to use this compost for landscaping and keeping out school in tip-top shape. Next time you walk around the cafeteria or coffee shop, look a little more carefully for out bins that you can put your composted material in because this company and the environment will greatly appreciate it!