Sport Scouts (Episode Four)

Bryce Harper, "AAF!" (A Closer Look), Blackhawks, and NBA Playoffs


Goodsir and Raupp put on the headphones for the first episode of the podcast with a video version available.

Joey Goodsir and Michael Raupp


Joey and Michael discuss the latest in national sports this week, including NBA and NHL Playoff Pushes, Bryce Harper and Mike Trout, as well as Kyler Murray. In addition to taking your calls about MLB Batflips and the 1919 Black Sox Scandal, the duo take a closer look at the Alliance of American Football and other alternate football leagues, all in a relaxing first-time-with-no-guests episode – the first to have a video version. Per usual, Joey and Michael report on LFHS scores as well, especially noting the upcoming ELS Basketball Game (Recorded Thursday, March 7).


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