The Jonas Brothers Are Back


Clare Lawler, News Editor

The Jonas Brothers, 2000s pop icons, are back! The group of three siblings, Nick Jonas (26), Joe Jonas (29), and Kevin Jonas (31) aren’t letting their older ages hold them back from jamming out.

They released their new single, “Sucker” on March 1. In their music video the brothers are seen dancing with their respective wives/girlfriends. The last time they put out a song was nearly six years ago. In their time apart, two of the three started individual singing careers.

Nick Jonas took his time away from the band to release hit solo songs such as “Jealous” and “Chains.” Joe Jonas created a band called DNCE and sang the popular song, “Cake By the Ocean.” Kevin Jonas ended his singing career after the Jonas Brothers broke up, coming back to singing for their recently released song.

The Jonas Brothers’ new single, “Sucker,” is sure to get crowds on their feet and dancing, just like they did in the 2000s. Watch it here.