Three Reasons Why the Bears Should Not Trade for Antonio Brown

Brown hauls in a pass for the Pittsburgh Steelers in a 2016 game against Washington

Brown hauls in a pass for the Pittsburgh Steelers in a 2016 game against Washington

AJ Shaw, Staff Writer

To many, Antonio Brown is the best wide receiver in the National Football League, but can let his ego get in the way a lot when it comes to his fundamental decision making.

Because of this the Pittsburgh Steelers, his current team, has had enough of this, and are willing to listen to offers for the star wideout. One of those teams that are rumored about making a trade for Brown is the Chicago Bears.

While Brown is a fantastic player who will improve the Bears offense immediately, just like Khalil Mack did to the defense, he brings an exorbitant amount of baggage, and bringing Brown into their already well-established culture is a major concern for me.

So today, I have come up with three reasons why the Bears should not trade for, or at least acquire the services of Antonio Brown.


No. 1: The Bears don’t have the proper draft pick capital for a player like Brown

Sure, you can make the argument that Brown’s recent actions have caused his trade value to plummet, but let’s be real for a second, are the Pittsburgh Steelers really willing to trade a franchise, heck, generational talent in Brown for a fourth or fifth round pick? Common sense says no, and if the Steelers are smart enough, they should get at least two first round picks or a first and a couple of seconds for Brown. The Bears have very little draft capital over the next couple of drafts, as they don’t pick until the 3rd round in this draft, and don’t have a first or a third round pick in next year’s draft. Sure, you could send a 2021 first round pick to the Steelers in a potential deal, but trading away a first round pick in three consecutive drafts is not a good thing for an organization in the NFL, especially with the lack of consistency amongst players and teams in this league.


No. 2: Brown brings a large amount of baggage that just will not work in the Bears locker room

Reigning NFL Coach of the Year Matt Nagy not only helped the Bears to on-field success this past season, but also established a great locker room culture. If you bring in Antonio Brown, say for a player like an Allen Robinson or a Trey Burton – guys who are not only good players, but guys who aren’t worried about personal success for a guy in Brown – his ego may damage the culture that Nagy has spent building. Sure, Brown could change under a coach in Nagy who expects the best in his players, but I am going to stick to previous knowledge of what Brown has done as a player in this league with his off-the-field antics.


No. 3: Trading Brown will cost the Bears a ton not only to the draft picks, but on their current roster

Recently, Usayd Koshul wrote an article on potential Antonio Brown to the Bears trades for Many of the trades involved players like the aforementioned Robinson and Burton, as well as Jordan Howard. Sure, these players are nowhere close to what Brown brings on the field, but like I have emphasized in the introduction, if the Steelers are smart enough, they’re going to try to get a great package for the star receiver, and the assets that the Bears would have to part with would be an extensive amount. I know Jordan Howard gets a lot of criticism from Bears fans for the way he played last season, but in this league, you need two running backs who can carry the ball when it matters, and moving on from Howard and then trusting a young rookie to come in and pick up where Howard has left out would be a bit of a poor decision.


While picking up Antonio Brown may sound like a great, fun idea for the Chicago Bears, if you look at the bigger picture, it would clearly cost more for the Bears than Brown is worth.