College Corner: Week Seven


Logan Hanekamp

In Logan Hanekamp’s column, College Corner, she interviews five seniors who have decided on their colleges and learns about why they chose their school.

Name: Brooke Heise
College: University of Arizona
Location: Tucson, Arizona
Mascot: Wildcats
Why ?
“I chose Arizona because I’ve always loved the school so when I got the opportunity to go there I was so excited. My grandpa lives in Scottsdale so I am happy I will have some family close. I also really loved the warm weather.”

What are you most excited for?
“I am really excited to meet new people and be on my own for the first time. I am also very excited to try new things and enjoy all of the fun things that come with going to college.”

Name: Will Rylance
College: Indiana University — Bloomington
Location: Bloomington, Indiana
Mascot: Hoosiers
Why Indiana?
“I chose Indiana because I really liked how the campus felt both urban and suburban at the same time. I also really liked the individual class sizes. I chose Indiana because I will be attending the Kelley Business school and there are a lot of great opportunities there.”

What are you most excited for?
“I am most excited to meet new people, to be independent, and to be on my own for the first time.”

Name: Emma Kent
College: Colorado State University
Location: Fort Collins, Colorado
Mascot: Rams
“I chose Colorado State because after touring the campus and seeing the science department for the first time I immediately fell in love with it and was eager to start my life there pursuing the field of chemistry. I was eager to start my next four years exploring and researching in this establishment. The CSU campus was a welcoming and content place that I felt I could call home and that’s why I chose Colorado State to be my school. ”

What are you most excited for?
“I am most excited for working and researching in the lab, and using this field to further pursue and establish my career. I’m excited to be on my own and experience this lifestyle independently. I am also anxious to explore and encounter new people and develop myself at CSU.”

Name: Katie Hubbard
College: Texas Christian University
Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Mascot: Horned Frogs
“I chose TCU because I fell in love with it right when I stepped on the campus and loved the school spirit and good athletics it provided!”

What are you most excited for?
“ I am looking forward to going to future sporting events, meeting new people, being involved in their Greek system and lastly being down in Fort Worth!”

Name: Alex Thoms
College: University of New England
Location: Biddeford, Maine
Mascot: Nor’easters
“I chose the University of New England because I have family close and it had everything I wanted. I wanted to play lacrosse and go into a field with something that involves the ocean, so New England’s lacrosse team and the marine science programs made it the right fit for me.”
What are you most excited for?
“I am most excited to be in New England, be apart of the lacrosse team, and meet a bunch of new people.”