Talent Show Was A Success (and A Note About My Song)


Photos by Kate Stephenson, Katherine Cook, and Jane Nugent.

Katie Pierce, Editor-in-Chief

If you’re one of the lucky ones who saw it, you probably can’t stop talking about it.  Needless to say, this year’s talent show was a huge success.

The talent show this year was an unbelievable experience to be a part of,” said senior musician Kate Stephenson. “Each act was so impressive, and being able to see each act practice and perform was so inspiring and fun. The students and adults involved were all dedicated and willing to work hard as well as ready to laugh and have a good time, and for us seniors, we really did save the best for last!”

Not only did the musicians and bands rock the stage, but the Cole Joseph and Pierce Docherty left the audience in stitches, only to have the stitches reopened by Tommy Henry near the end of the show.  The dance team brought flashing lights and unique energy, and the ever popular yo-yo club didn’t disappoint, with Allen and his crew throwing their yo-yos through the air to the amazing cheers of the audience.

The New Media produced videos were quirky and fun, with uniquely written storylines from student cinematographers including Isabel Wiesner, Jack Frede, Caroline Zeeman, and Andrew Rempala.  The illustrious pit band, led by Gabby Moore, didn’t disappoint, with tunes that had the audience clapping and bobbing their heads.

The ever-present and hard-working Tech Crew made the show possible with hard work and teamwork, especially through challenges.  

Looking back after three years, Talent Show has never been the easiest thing for me to tech for,” said senior Ryan Eleveld, the student tech director for the show.  “But, I’m so incredibly thankful for the opportunities I have had to spend time with so many amazing people. As always, working with Mr. Holmer is wonderful, and being able develop closer relationships with fellow techies and form new friendships is an absolute treat.”


On a personal note, this year’s show was by far the smoothest run and the most fun that I’ve been a part of.  I feel that I presented my art with a grace that I haven’t been able to achieve prior to this show. Part of that came with the song that I wrote and performed–I felt a unique connection to the audience this year in particular.

“I Swear” was written on a random page in a ratty purple notebook, something that I wrote down years ago and rediscovered last year when I reopened the notebook.  The lyrics spoke to me in the moment, knowing that soon I’d be leaving the place I call home, and the people I call family. I know that when I originally wrote the words, there was no way that I would know how the song would come to be years later.

I talked about nostalgia and hope, and leaving and coming as one action, not two.  Being there and being here seem to be the same thing, and not really something sad.  It’s a way for me to start reflecting on what I’ve done, not only at this school, but in my community.  I don’t know if I see a goodbye as an end, as a beginning, or neither.

There’s not really an easy way to say goodbye to something that you’ve come to love, but it’s easier when there are memories to carry along with you.  I’m grateful to have quite a few from Talent Show, especially this year.

Ta ta, talent show.  It’s been a ride, and we’ve truly enjoyed every minute.


If you missed the wonderful New Media videos presented at the show, scroll to watch.