Model UN Takes On The Swamp


Casey Murray and John Kirages

Starting next Tuesday, Feb. 26, Model United Nations will be simulating the U.S. Congress. This simulation will include both the House of Representatives and the Senate, offering something for everybody.

There will be filibusters. There will be subpoenas (when Congress forces someone to visit so Congresspeople can yell at them). There will be impeachments and possibly impeachment trials. For a few weeks, Model UN will pretend to be the US government, with all of the issues and drama that come along with that: partisan squabbling (people who like to yell are most welcome), drafting laws (people who like to sit and work quietly in the back of class are also most welcome), and anarchy (people who like anarchy probably shouldn’t attend a club based on world government, but are still most welcome).

In short, anyone who wants to come to the Learning Lab from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. (though latecomers are still welcome) will have the opportunity to spend 90 minutes learning how to govern and compromise, debating the fine points of policy, ruining the country, and having a good time.

There will also be free food.