Talent Show Comes To LFHS THIS WEEK!

We’ve got music. We’ve got comedy. There’s everything from yo-yos to jazz music. What talent does LFHS not have to show off?


From left: junior Luke Gerskovich, sophomore Ryan McFadden, and junior Jack LaVanway, all of the band Grapefruit.

Katie Pierce, Editor-in-Chief

Talent Show 2019 is finally upon us.  After a month of rehearsals, picture taking, and video making, this annual performance is ready to take the stage.

Hosted by senior emcees Eli Fietsam, George Schoettle, and Andrew Rempala, the talent show features 20 student acts, nine student produced videos, and a full pit band.

The acts themselves range from comedy sketches to original songs, performed by freshmen through seniors who have worked hard to get their spot on the RMA stage.

Just some of the exciting acts include the highly popular Carpool, the LFHS Dance Team, Allen Chiu and the Yo-Yo Crew, the newly formed a capella group Lowkey Treble, and local favorite The Swing Sonatas.

Keep your eyes out for content on the Talent Show’s social media pages on Facebook (@lfhsaptta) and Instagram (@lfhstalentshow) for amazing student-produced promotional content.  And don’t forget to check back here at The Forest Scout in the coming days for all new photos, videos, and coverage of the show.

If you haven’t already, get your talent show tickets at lfhs.org before they’re gone; $15 for students and $25 for adults.