Scholarship Opportunity: “Generosity of Spirit”


Will Davis

A wonderful new opportunity has been established for seniors at Lake Forest High School. The Friedman family has created a unique scholarship to honor their late son Greg who graduated from the high school in 2008.

Greg was someone whose positive impact and optimistic personality could be felt throughout many different aspects of LFHS. Greg was not only a star football player but also an incredible artist and a straight A student. He was exemplary in all of the activities in which he participated.

However, Greg’s legacy wasn’t left through the accolades and awards he garnered during his high school career. It was Greg’s ever caring, always invested personality that left an impact on so many. “He was truly just a very well-rounded young man. He was the person who listens and enjoys,” Greg’s father Ross Friedman said.  

Greg was the kid who was always there to lend a hand. He just had a way about him that made others feel comfortable. He knew how to have fun and joke around but always in a good-spirited and inclusive way. Greg touched so many in such a positive way because of how he made them feel.

That’s exactly why the scholarship was named “The Generosity of Spirit” scholarship. People with Generosity of Spirit would be defined as: “Those who are genuinely happy for others good fortune irrespective of their own circumstances. They’re devoid of envy, seldom have disparaging thoughts about others and never make disparaging comments.” Greg was someone who fully embodied the “Generosity of Spirit” doing so by consistently putting those around him before himself with quiet humility.

The Friedman family is very excited to be able to put forth the scholarship this year in order to help honor Greg and recognize students who have the same genuine personality traits that Greg did. The goal of this scholarship isn’t to recognize a student with a high GPA, athletic accomplishments, or record number of service hours. Rather, this scholarship recognizes a student who takes interest in his/her peers in an authentic, genuine and caring manner, like Greg. Someone who has “Generosity of Spirit.”

In order to be nominated for this scholarship, the application must be submitted to the College Resource Center along with a brief written statement in which the nominee’s “Generosity of Spirit” is identified.  The deadline for this is February 28, 2019.

After this happens, students who have been nominated are to submit one additional written statement (one page maximum) from a peer, teacher, or faculty member describing or providing specific examples how he or she has displayed a “Generosity of Spirit” in his or her daily life. This part of the application will be due April 12, 2019.

The scholarship provides $3,000 towards college or other post-secondary educational institution and is hopefully considered a wonderful opportunity for any senior who embodies a “Generosity of Spirit” such as Greg.