Teachers beat first responders in charity basketball game


Annie Burdiak, Staff Writer

LFHS teachers and local first responders faced each other in an epic “Books v. Badges” basketball game at Lake Forest College on Sunday. The game was organized to raise money for the American Cancer Society with a raffle contest for the attendees.

After two 20-minute halves and double overtime, the Badges managed to tie the game at 46-46. However, it only took one free throw from the Books to take the sudden death in overtime and for the Books to trump the Badges.

“It was a very exciting game. We were up most of the game and at the end it got really close,” math teacher Tia Rupnik said.

This year’s basketball game was created by Lake Forest College alum and current Lake Forest Police Officer Paul Daizovi. It was the first year that LFHS teachers participated.

Because the teams were playing together for the first time, it was hard to know what to expect. Nevertheless, Rupnik was more than happy with the result.

“It’s tough because we have never played together before, so just coming together and all of us being teachers, which means that we are good communicators, we meshed really well,” she said.

Rupnik said the teachers “were at the edge of our seats until the very end,” as were most of the viewers as well.

Despite the competitiveness, Rupnik said, “at the end of the day, we’re all here for the same reason.”