Q&A with Esports sponsor Brian Boruszak


Spencer Capps, Staff Writer

Brian Boruszak is a teacher in the Social Studies Department and the first head coach of the Esports team at LFHS. They had their first match on last week, winning 2-0 over Sandoval. Their next match is on Wednesday.

How did the Esports team start?

“A few years ago, there were a few seniors interested, but they didn’t know who could be a sponsor for them. Last year, a couple of the students approached me asking if they could do it. The students led the initiative, and being a gamer, jumped on board and helped them out.”

Why do you coach Esports?

“I love Esports. I’m a big closeted-gamer. It’s probably one of my favorite things to do.”

What does a coach do in Esports?

“They are helping the athletes to strategize, to work on communication, and to be there as a support system before, during, and after games.”

How many players are on the team?

“We currently have a varsity and a JV team. There are 8 players on the varsity team, and 13 on the JV team.”

What is your expected outcome for the season?

“With the varsity group, I believe we can be highly competitive, even though it’s our first year; we have some really talented athletes. Evan Devine is probably the most mechanically skilled in the group. Chris Zitko has a lot of knowledge behind the strategy of the game. We have the passion of guys like Adam Khater and Ryan Devine. They bring the fury and fire into every game. I think we have the potential to go very far.”

Which games do you play?

“Currently, I only play League of Legends, just because of time constraints. Growing up I played a lot of different games like NHL, 2k, Madden, etc. So I’ve been playing games my whole life.”

Anything you want to tell other students that might be interested?

“Even if you don’t think you’re the best gamer, if you have any interest in gaming at all, if you’d like the competitive nature of video games. The Esports team is something you should check out. We’re welcoming everybody and anybody.”