Poms team takes fourth in nation


Annie Burdiak, Staff Writer

After competing in Orlando this past weekend, the LFHS Dance Team returns claiming fourth in the nation for poms and jazz. First the team competed in the national semifinals, scoring high enough to solidify their spot in finals with around 12 other teams to compete with per category.

After this long road of training and competing, they finally made it to that stage. Although the battle wasn’t over simply because they made it to the finals, senior member Tatum Litzsinger said that the stress doesn’t come close to conquering the overwhelmingly exciting feeling of being there.

“You’re not nervous or scared,” Litzsinger said. “You just take it in and embrace that you finally made it there.”

It’s evident by how tightly bonded this team is that they share moments and memories that most of them will never forget from nationals. Litzsinger said that her favorite was right before she ran through the castle onto the stage to begin her last dance with her teammates.

“I try to run through last, so then when I run through, I see my team spread out on the floor waving and smiling, with the whole audience cheering, and the bright lights shining down,” she said.“It’s just a really special moment.”

Even though the team didn’t claim first, they put their heart and soul into that last dance. Litzsinger said it was an “emotional rollercoaster” especially for her and her fellow seniors.

“After the poms performance, we were all crying because it was our last time dancing as a team,” she said.