College Corner: Week Four


Logan Hanekamp


In Logan Hanekamp’s column, College Corner, she interviews five seniors who have decided on their colleges and learns about why they chose their school.

Name: Maggie Mick

College: Villanova University

Location: Villanova, PA

Mascot: Wildcats

Why Villanova?

“I chose Villanova because the school has a great balance between academics and student life. I love the close-knit community feel and the love for sports at Nova is something that makes feel like I’m at home. ”

What are you most excited for?

“I am most excited to meet new people and to be on my own. I also can’t wait to go to basketball games and other fun events.”

Name: Porter Weisberg

College: University of California, Berkeley

Location: Berkeley, CA

Mascot: Golden Bears

Why Berkeley?

“I chose Berkeley because they have great academics along with a great rowing team. I also really loved the campus and the California weather. They also have a great computer science program which is what I plan on studying there.”

What are you most excited for?

“I am most excited to start classes and be apart of the rowing team. The nice weather is also something I am looking forward to.”

Name: Caroline Kissel

College: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Location: Champaign, IL

Mascot: Fighting Illini

Why Illinois?

“I chose Illinois because my parents and sisters all went to Illinois, so I have grown up liking the school. My oldest sister graduated last spring and watching her have so many cool experiences like being in a sorority, studying abroad, and having a great time really inspired me to want to go there. They also have a great Nursing Program which was really important to me when making my college decision. ”

What are you most excited for?

“I am super close with my family so having the option to go home easily whenever I want is going to be really nice. Also, my sister Elizabeth is a current freshman so it will be really fun to have her there with I’m there. I am also excited to be able to study abroad and meet new people.”

Name: Chase Bahr

College: University of Pennsylvania

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Mascot: Quakers

Why Penn?

“I chose Penn because I really connected with the football coaching staff. Also, the academics are second to none, but most importantly I thought about my life outside of sports and asked myself if I didn’t have football would I feel comfortable going to this school, and Penn was the only school I felt this way about. The second I went on campus I knew it was the place for me.”

What are you most excited for?

“I’m very excited about the football season but also learning more about economics and philosophy.”

Name: Danny Moorhead

College: Auburn University

Location: Auburn, AL

Mascot: Tigers

Why Auburn?

“I chose Auburn because I have always been a fan of the sports teams and when it came to finding a college, there was no question Auburn was the perfect fit. I also have five cousins who have gone there and my sister is currently there. They have great sports to watch as well as a great business school. All around, it’s the perfect school for me.”

What are you most excited for?

“I am most excited for game days as well as rushing and being a part of Greek life. I am excited to meet new people and join a fraternity.”