TEDx event returning to LFHS

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TEDx event returning to LFHS

Michael Raupp, Staff Writer

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TEDx is program of local, self-organized events, which objective is to share a TED-like experience and ignite communal discussion. A TED conference provides basic rules and regulations to guide the TEDx program, however, TEDx is an independently organized event, thus the “x” attached to the TED name.

Jimmy Juliano, who is the organizer and creative director to the event here at Lake Forest High School, is an expert on the process it took for the school to gain a license.

“To share a similar TED environment, the nonprofit organization allows schools, organizations, and communities to apply for a license. If TED grants the institution approval for a license, this enables them to run their own manufactured TEDx event. With the license LFHS has been granted, this allows us to use the TED name and logos for promotion for our own event,” he said.

What is the purpose of TEDx?

The event at LFHS is composed of 80% student speakers, designed to put students on stage that have unique and powerful ideas worth sharing.

“The goal of a TEDx event is to put people on stage and share their ideas, and hopefully this sparks conversations that trigger good change in the community,” Juliano said.

Furthermore, there are a handful of adult speakers each year at the event, which started in 2015.

Who will be taking stage?

Mr. Holmer, who is the technical director on the team involved in the event, is expecting an abundance of differing student entertainment, such as musical acts to comedy routines.

“There will be a mixture of students taking the stage. Expect a few musical acts, original music where people write their own music and take the stage. Each student will do something original to express who they are as a person,” he said.

Juliano further shared his excitement why viewers should be apart of such event that allows students to share with their peers different talents not everyone knows about.

“Besides showing up and being inspired by the ideas, spectators will be really entertained with a nice variety of students sharing their original ideas and talents to express who they are as a person,” Juliano said.

List of the 2019 participants:

Keegan Thoranin — Breaking the barrier between awareness and respect through active listening

Kenny Peterson- Ross — Creative writing

Yana Savitsky — Procrastination (Pomodoro method)

Bella Watters — Study abroad experience

Ryan Eleveld — Statistics, large numbers, going with instincts

Callan Shanahan — Work with child welfare system

Kiera Burns — Intersectional feminism  (race, LGBT), personal experiences

Katherine Slover /Ashley Updike — Climate change/vehicle idling

Caroline Zeeman — Widening political divide & media consumption

Charlotte Yehle — Bone disease and her personal experience with it

Ryan Devine — ESports

If you are a student how can you sign up, and who makes the decision on who gets accepted?

The speaker applications are currently closed for this years TEDx event. However, the event is event is hosted annually at LFHS.

A student selection committee determines who takes the stage, which is primarily composed of TED-Ed club members. Additionally, with the talent show being in the spring, if the committee needs less people in the talent show, some could perform at the TEDx event.

How can you attend?

Any student can attend the event on Wednesday, March 13th. It will take place during the block periods of 4th and 6th period in the David Miller Theater (DMT). Click here to apply to attend the event. There will be a lottery to attend, however, Juliano believes there is a really good shot for anyone to attend, but it will be based on the amount of applications that will give him a better idea on availability and how many people can be accepted.

What if you cannot attend?

“Even if you are not there, we livestream the entire event on Tedxlfhs.com. Additionally, this allows teachers to stream the event in their classroom if members of the class cannot attend while the event is going on. Lastly, you can watch the stream after the event, as the livestream will be up on Youtube. All the talks and entertainment/original music gets posted on the official TEDx Youtube channel within two weeks of the event,” Juliano said.