Sophomore Malloy hustles his way to Varsity


Photo courtesy of Gary Larsen and Lake Forest Leader

Malloy makes a pass in a game against Lincoln Park during the Benet Academy tournament on Nov. 21, 2018.

AJ Shaw, Staff Writer

Like many varsity coaches, head basketball Coach Phil LaScala usually relies heavily on a roster of older, more experienced upperclassmen.

There have been some exceptions to this, like Evan Boudreaux, the all-time leading scorer in Scouts boys basketball history who is currently attending Purdue University, but for three consecutive seasons the roster has been all-upperclassmen. However, that changed this year when LaScala added sophomore Jack Malloy to the varsity roster.

After beginning the season playing off the bench, Malloy was inserted into the starting lineup after a season-ending injury to junior Andrew Levin, and he scored 14 points in a Scouts defeat to Stevenson. He then chipped in 8 points in a Scouts victory last week against Lake Zurich.

“I am just happy that I was able to earn more minutes, so I can continue to improve my game,” said Malloy.

He attended St. Mary’s until transferring to Deer Path Middle School in sixth grade. He developed a love of the game at a young age when he began playing basketball in preschool with his father.

Malloy describes himself as a hard-working player who hustles all the time. This hard work, plus his talent, earned him an opportunity to play for the sophomore basketball team last season under coach Joe Harmsen.

“Coach Harmsen was very helpful when it came to adjusting and learning at the sophomore level,” Malloy said. “He can be hard on you at times, but he also was a big influence for me.”

Harmsen complimented Malloy’s game.

“Jack does an excellent job of finding the ball,” said Harmsen. “He is always ready to score and has a natural instinct when it comes to rebounding. He makes the defense honest.”

Entering his sophomore year Malloy was given the opportunity to play on varsity.

“I wasn’t surprised really. I had been playing with a lot of these guys [Hanson, Fisher, Horan] in tournaments and practices over the summer,” he said.

In fact, he also experienced the Scouts playoff games last season when he sat on the bench during the two playoff games as a freshman.

“Jack has a noise for the ball,” LaScala said. “When he was trying out, [myself and Coach Mocogni] loved his aggressiveness rebounding and going to the basket. He has also been working very hard when it comes to his defense.”

Malloy reflected praise back to his coach. “I have a lot of respect for the hard work coach puts in,” Malloy said. “He likes to play guys who show a lot of effort like himself, and I have really gained a respect for him when it comes to his work ethic.”

Malloy pointed out that LaScala shows up at 6 a.m. to watch film and prepare for the team’s upcoming game.

He was also very complementary of senior teammate Jake Fisher, who Malloy described as a great leader and a big help when it came to adjusting to the varsity level.

“He is always in your ear about a play, and when you make a good play, he is very complementary.”

Malloy’s recent success has been admired greatly by his teammates, as he was described “as a silent grinder” by  teammates. Malloy is intent on continuing to improve his game as he stated he wanted to keep focusing on attention to detail and his fundamentals.

He also doesn’t just show great work on the hardwood, but he also shows it in the classroom.

“Academics are very important to me. My biggest goal is to try and get into a good college.”

Clearly, Jack Malloy has a plan and he is committed to working hard at it no matter what struggles may emerge.