Q&A with Kai Kroeger


Connor Clark


How does it feel when you find out a school wants to come to talk to you about playing football at their school?

It is really exciting!  It gives me a glimpse into what my future can look like with that school and playing football for them and it just gets me pumped for what is to come, and it motivates me to work harder.  

Are you ever worried about the competition, others punters and kickers at showcases?

Not really, I just try and go out and just focus on my game and my performance, shutting out the outside noise or competition.  Focusing on myself at kicking showcases is key for me personally to perform at my highest level. With that being said I have created bonds with the other guys at these kicking showcases and we support each other through social media, congratulating someone when they get an offer from a school, stuff like that.    

How has your time on the Lake Forest football team been?

It’s been awesome!  I love going out onto the turf on Friday nights being able to compete for my school and to try and bring pride and a W to the fans every single game.  I have grown close with my teammates and I think we have a pretty good bond and we have a good time together, and we get each other through the dog days of the summer camp leading up to the season, but all and all it is a great time.  

Any alumni of the Lake Forest football program you look up to?

I look up to Jack Traynor just because of how hard of a worker he was in the LFHS program and the goals he was able to achieve not only on the football field but in the weight room and in the classroom. It is just remarkable and he is a great model for the Lake Forest football program.

Did you ever imagine seeing yourself in this position, having the ability to go to school to play football?

Not really, I didn’t really start getting into punting until freshman year and it turned out I was pretty good at it so I took advantage of the opportunity to improve my skills with punting the ball and now I am here visiting colleges looking at schools where I could possibly play football which is just amazing.

Who’s your favorite kicker/punter in the NFL?

I would have to say Thomas Morstead, the punter for the New Orleans Saints because I am a big Saints fan, plus he plays the same position I do so I have to respect the man.

What do you like better, kickoffs or field goals and why?

Probably field goals because they are worth points, but it is always nice on kickoffs to try and boot it as far as I can and try for a touchback.  The two are close but I’m going to have to give it to field goals.

Take the readers inside the mind of Kai Kroeger during the 2018 Stevenson football game, what were you feeling?

I was a little nervous not going to lie, playing a great team such as Stevenson and having a newly established rivalry with them makes you get butterflies.  The biggest factor is that we haven’t beaten them since 2011, and for our team to do that to push us into the playoffs was just insane- a crazy night that I will never forget.  

Who’s is or has been your favorite teacher at LFHS so far?

It has to be Mr. Del Fava.  I have had him twice for English class and I really like the feel of his class and how laid back and flexible it is.  He makes English and reading interesting, and I really got to look forward going to English when I had him as my teacher.

Favorite song or artist?

This is a tough one but I would have to go with” Motorcycle Patches” by Travis Scott and Quavo.  Tough choice but I’ll go with that one.