Turnabout Dance Dress Predictions


Sasha Sklarov, Fashion Editor

The Turnabout Dance is coming up this Saturday, and girls are searching for the perfect dress, which is difficult during the winter season.

The current dress trends for 2019 are the little black dress, lace, mesh, animal print, metallics, and the color emerald green.

Little Black Dresses are always in style. This trend has been around since Coco Chanel began to design her dresses in the 1920s. A LBD is a short black cocktail dress with a simple design. Black is a statement itself, and this look is perfect for you if you want a simple yet put together look.

Two trends that go hand in hand are Lace & Mesh. Lace can be hard to style, as it can look cheap very easily. If you wish to find a lace dress, make sure it’s a high quality material. A mesh dress is a way to look conservative yet very stylish. Mesh and lace come in and out of style, so be sure to wear it for this upcoming Turnabout dance.

Animal Print has been huge this past fall and it’s still on trend this New Year. Though it’s a very unique, distinct style, if you’re one of the people who loves this look, definitely hop on this trend before it’s gone. From snake skin to leopard to cheetah, find the pattern for you and try it before they sell out!

Cool & Warm Tone Colors have always been a classic go-to dress. Red, emerald green, maroon, and navy are in this winter season. These are four dresses that symbolize rushing, suede, lace, and strappy. You can re-wear these dresses as these colors easily come in and out of style every season.

Metalics & Sparkles have been a recurring trend every Turnabout dance! From gold, silver, and sequins, this style is hitting every women’s clothing line. These dresses are a statement, so adding a dainty necklace and simple shoes won’t overpower your dress. This look is one that you will want to try this Turnabout season!

Be sure to grab one of these looks for this upcoming Turnabout. Hope to see you there!