Q&A with Ellie Pearson


Griffin Larson, Staff Writer

What made you interested in basketball?

“As a kid I played basically every sport out there, so basketball was just another one on the list. In middle school though, I had to decide between continuing basketball or playing club volleyball (they’re in the same season), and I chose basketball because I enjoyed it more and had a better shot at playing in college.”

Do you plan on continuing basketball in college?

“Yes! I’m going to be playing at Johns Hopkins!”

Would you have any advice for underclassmen basketball players at our school?

“If you enjoy it, put the work into it and you will see the changes.”

What advice would you say to incoming freshman looking to join the girls basketball team?

“Do it! It’s so fun and even if you haven’t played basketball before, the freshman team is a great place to start!”

Looking back on your years of playing, was there ever a game you felt the most pressure?

“My junior year we were in the Regional championship. We played Lake Zurich, who we had lost to both times in conference, and there was a lot of pressure to try and win because we knew we hadn’t beaten them yet, and we really didn’t want our season to end there.”

What was it like balancing out academic success and sports?

“It did take some getting used to, but once I figured out how to manage my time between practice and school, it was pretty easy. There’s a routine that I fall into every season so I never really have to think about it. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely some very late nights or early mornings, but since both sports and school are really important to me, they never bothered me.”

What’s the funniest thing you have seen on the court?

“A couple games ago, two of my teammates were both wide open on a fast break and they passed it back and forth a few times like 3 feet from the basket instead of shooting it before one of them finally got a 3-second call in the lane”

Is there a player you idolize?

“Elena Delle Donne. She’s an amazing basketball player and the things she does outside of the sport with volunteering and stuff is incredible too.”

What’s the toughest team you have had to play?

“Definitely Stevenson – they are a very team oriented team, and basically everyone can do a little bit of everything, so guarding them is tough. They also scout us a lot and know what we want to do, so we have to work to come up with new ways to do things.”

What’s the most points you have scored in game?

“18 against Phillips Academy my junior year.”