Clubs at LFHS- Getting the Word Out


Brady Christoph

Do people really stop in the midst of their way to their next class to look at the poster boards in the halls or stairwells? I would say that the majority of students at LFHS pass by without even glancing at all of the club advertisements. What most would find if they took a moment to look around the halls are the plethora of clubs that want to recruit more members and activities desiring student support. The problem is that these ways of marketing are over; everything is digital and with that comes the inefficient posters that fill our halls and the lack of informed students.

Clubs in LFHS need to adapt more of an online footprint to attract more students. This could be achieved by sending out emails or setting up social media pages. If you didn’t already know, the school sends a mass Schoology post every Monday to inform anyone who is interested in the activities coming up. There are Schoology pages for most clubs but finding out about them and getting on the club pages are the hard parts. One way to find out some extra information regarding clubs and activities in the school is the twitter account @LFHSactivites. Students will notice that there are multiple updates every day, including details about what is going on in the world of extracurriculars.

Another way for clubs to get more exposure is the classic word of mouth. Club leaders and members need to be better advocates for their meetings and events. It is much more convenient for the students you are trying to “recruit” to listen to a leader promoting their club before class starts than their trying to find out through emailing the club leaders and searching on the school website. There are plenty of students who have time to fill with an extracurricular and besides the big ones like Debate Team and Model United Nations, there isn’t enough exposure to these interesting and undervalued clubs.

Clubs you might not know about along with their advisors:

  • Latin Club-Ariel Landvick
  • Chinese Club-Ms. Xiao
  • French Club-Laura Sperling
  • Math Team-Steve Aronson
  • Robotics Club-Matt Wilen
  • Scholastic Bowl-Laura Grigg
  • Science Olympiad -Lena Kopecky
  • Speech Team-Sara Dreiling
  • Young Idea-Mara Dukats
  • Yearbook Club-Melissa Doucette
  • Big 2 Little-Dan Panfil
  • Link Crew-Rebecca Schwartz
  • Red Cross Club-Diane Bower
  • Women’s Club-Elizabeth Hannon
  • Men’s Club-Brian Runft
  • Art Club-Carolyn Bielski
  • Chess Club-Phil Woodruff
  • Bass Fishing Club-Joe Harmsen
  • Environmental Club-Mary Beth Nawor
  • Gamers Club-Matt Lowry
  • Glee Club-Timothy Haskett
  • Human Rights Club-Kelly McKee
  • Scout Nation-Kristin Gregory
  • Alliance Club-John Wanninger
  • Embrace– Amy Lyons

So if any of these clubs sound interesting to you, reach out to the moderators or club leaders and get involved. LFHS needs you!