Who is this egg?


Charlie Anderson

Who is this egg and why does it matter? Good question. This egg has now taken over instagram as it has racked up over 47,000,000 likes by the time I am writing this and is surely on its way to gain a couple more million likes.

Kylie Jenner, who held the record for most liked Instagram picture with the announcement of her child with Travis Scott, showed her disapproval of the egg movement by posting a video of her crushing an egg on the pavement.

With recognition from one of the world’s biggest celebrities and coverage from some of the worlds’ biggest news outlets, one question still looms over this whole situation, who is behind the photo of this egg? As of now nobody really has much of a clue about who is behind the most-liked picture in Instagram history.

The account has not shed any information as it only has one post (the aforementioned egg) and a couple of stories in which they announced merchandise and celebrated being successful in beating Kylie’s record.

All I can say is that we should expect more coming from this account as the owner of it said in one of his stories that, “This is just the beginning.”