LFHS Wall of Fame- Myth Debunked

LFHS Wall of Fame- Myth Debunked

Stephen Young


If you have ever walked passed the Competition Gym at Lake Forest High School, chances are you have noticed the hundreds of framed photographs of athletes that once attended the school. These photographs are all part of the Wall of Fame, membership of which is considered an honor. The Wall of Fame has been a part of the high school for over 50 years, representing athletes as early as the 1950’s. While walking down the long hallway, it is hard not to stop and gaze at the iconic athletes who once walked the same halls. Ranging from basketball to swimming and wrestling to track and field, every sport at LFHS is represented on the Wall of Fame.

This honor is not achieved easily. In order to earn a spot on the Wall of Fame, one must truly deserve it. Either an individual athlete or an entire team must earn a nomination from their coaches, and this nomination is not easy to acquire. “It truly is a Wall of Fame,” said Mr. Morehead, Assistant Athletic Director This statement becomes clear when looking at each individual picture on the wall. On the bottom of the photograph are the achievements and milestones the team or athlete accomplished. These accomplishments range anywhere from team records, championships, or individual achievements, and it is clear that the honor is well-deserved.

While walking the in the lower commons, you may have noticed that the Wall of Fame seems outdated. Many people think because the most recent addition is from the 2012-2013 school year, the tradition has been forgotten about. Students and faculty throughout the school commonly discuss the Wall of Fame and its lack of additions recently; however, it is in fact constantly updated. According to Mr. Morehead, the tradition is still relevant as the Wall of Fame is updated once every five years to ensure that athletes are not still attending the school while being honored. The concept of  not updating the Wall of Fame is a common misconception at the high school as many people complain and judge the wall for not keeping up to date.

To many students and faculty at LFHS, it can easily seem like the tradition has been lost, but that is simply not true. Many people think it would be more logical to update it every year and include the graduating class in the update; however, there is a flaw in this system. Since the nominations can go towards teams as well, it is possible for a student in the freshman class to get nominated. While at first updating it every five years makes the wall seem outdated, it is necessary for it to be done this way. Gaining entry into the Wall of Fame is a prestigious award at Lake Forest High School, and it is a tradition that will continue for years to come.