Big Brother Will be Watching

Students to perform Orwell classic 1984


Meghan Geraghty, News Editor

Get ready to be shocked, disturbed, and left wanting more at this year’s winter play, 1984.

Directed by Joe Pulio, LFHS students will transform the DMT into a chilling dystopian universe, filled with paranoia and fear that will keep you on the edge of your seats until the house lights come up and bows begin. The show will be Jan. 31-Feb. 2.

Sophomore and Co Student Director Caroline Speed is thrilled to be able to work on the play, which is based on George Orwell’s classic dystopian novel.

1984 is such an important piece of art, and now is the perfect time to perform it. We have all worked so hard on this show, and while it gets pretty dark at times, it’s very impactful and definitely one you’ll remember,” Speed said.

Stepping into these iconic roles has been no easy task for our school’s actors; and a show like this, while very different for LFHS, further exemplifies what the LFHS theater department is capable of.

“This show isn’t anything like we’ve done before in this school. It’s very intense and it brings a new light to what type of theater we are capable of at this school. I’ve struggled to make sure I nail down this role but this experience has helped me become a better actor,” senior Zach Demet said.

1984 is a dark and twisted piece of art that imagine a future where countries are constantly at war and the government, or Big Brother, controls and watches everything the public does.

1984 not only stimulates the mind about how blind people can be and how much fear affects us. 1984 is performed beautifully by some of the most talented actors who paint a picture so twisted, that it’s hard to see the real truth after watching,” junior Alec Boyd said.