The Unspoken Rules of Remote


Lindsay Folker


We all know what remote is. It is train station parking that is significantly cheaper than senior or any driveways nearby. However, it comes with a different price: the dreaded 10 minute walk from the train station to the school. Rain, snow, or below freezing temperatures — students bear all of this in order to drive to school. Having been parking there for three semesters, I have now come to know some unspoken rules people tend to, or should, follow when parking remote.

  1. Speed up or slow down

When walking the path from remote to school, kids will either listen to music, be on their phones, or talk with a friend. Either way, people walk at their own paces. They also keep their distance from their fellow remote walkers. This is why it is awkward when you either catch up to someone or someone catches up to you. It is even more awkward when no one either speeds up or slows down. This can lead to conversations being eavesdropped on or just side glances at each other. So either pick up your pace to pass the person in front of you or slow down to put some distance in between each other. If you don’t, people will just silently judge you for being kind of creepy.

  1. Stop Yourself

We get it, you can drive now. You can drive yourself to school, so cool. Stop flexing on us. When you try to flex your driving skills in remote, you put others in danger. Skirting out of your spot and trying to cut people off can lead to an accident in remote. Remote can admittedly be hectic after school, but your driving like a maniac to impress your friends or fellow classmates isn’t safe. Trust me, the novelty of driving will fade and it will become just an everyday thing. So seeing sophomores or even juniors putting others in potential danger in order to show off their driving skills is not only annoying but also cringe worthy. So stop yourself.

  1. Move out of the way

The walk to or from remote can be absolutely dreadful, especially in adverse conditions. We all get rides to or from remote all the time. What is annoying is when cars wait in front of potential parking spaces in the mornings or block cars from leaving remote when dropping others off. Just trying to leave remote is one thing, but having to wait for five kids to pile out of a car that is right in the middle of remote is just so annoying. The only way this is ok is if you are fast. Get out then drive away. Don’t stay and talk or take your time getting your bag or mess around with your friends. People have places to go. Also, when arriving to remote, if you are waiting to pick up your friends, wait in front of cars already parked or park far enough away where you aren’t taking up prime parking spots. Parking farther away adds to walking time. Walking time is horrible. So seeing cars blocking parking that could cut down walking time is again, annoying. So just be considerate of others and move out of the way.

These are just some of the main ones I could think of. I am sure others have specific grievances to others parking or walking remote. As for me, I strongly dislike remote. The walk feels like eternity; in most months, I am numb from the cold, I have to show up 10 minutes earlier in order to have time to walk to remote, and now, as a senior, I don’t want to go off campus because I don’t want to walk to remote more than I have to. But for most, remote is the only option. Between the ridiculous prices of senior and nearby parking or a horrible bus ride, remote is just the lesser of the evils. So if we are all going to suffer remote, we might as well make it as pleasant as possible by following the rules.