A Thank You to the MRC


Claire Jessen

If you’ve ever needed last minute help right before a test, help at all on a topic you don’t understand, or just want the cheery, friendly company of Mr. Mergl, you’ve probably gone to the MRC, or Math Resource Center. I can guarantee you that almost every LFHS student has paid a visit to the MRC sometime in his or her high school career; personally, it’s saved me from a bad test grade more than once. The MRC is arguably the most helpful and friendly resource in the whole building, and if you haven’t gotten a chance to stop in yet, do it. You won’t regret it.

The smiling, happy face of Mr. Mergl will greet you every time you walk in. Without hesitation, he will get working on whatever question you have, and he has devoted his job to be readily available in the MRC every period of the day.  “Mr. Mergl is the best; he gives us candy and is such a great guy to talk to,” said senior Nikole Tzioufas. As the true ambassador of the MRC, Mr. Mergl can always bring a smile to anyone’s face. He makes the MRC more than just a resource center- he makes it a safe space for everyone. “The MRC is very helpful because whenever I have any math issues, I just come here and Mr. Mergl helps me all the time, and it’s also just a good environment as well,” said junior Lucia Marquez. The comfort and assistance that Mr. Mergl brings to the MRC is something for which we are all grateful.

The MRC is truly a place of comfort and safety. It’s a comfortable space where people get help without feeling bad about it. “Teachers in the MRC are always so helpful and so nice,” said senior Kenleigh Theis. “They don’t make me feel like I’m stupid.” Many kids are fearful to reach out for academic help in high school, making the MRC a friendly and supportive place to go and get help on math.

The MRC and the teachers who help there have brought nothing but success to tons of students, and I can guarantee you that anyone who has gotten help there is nothing but thankful for their time and efforts.  “Without the MRC, I would never have gotten as good of grades in math as I have, and I’m so thankful that it forces me to understand the math that I’m doing instead of just doing it to get it done,” said Nikole Tzioufas.

So to all the math teachers, Mr Mergl, and everyone involved in the MRC,

Thank you.