Graphic design students create project that pops


Lauren Gambit, Staff Writer

With all the talent that students bring to LFHS, it is easy for some of that talent to go unnoticed. A graphic design class, taught by Mrs. Carolyn Bielski, is a perfect example of this.

Bielski has been teaching at LFHS for 20 years and never fails to bring out the creative side of her students, allowing their work to be broadcasted for the rest of the school to see.

“Mrs. Bielski has never taken it easy on me. She’s not afraid to give her opinion because she knows it’s going to benefit the artist and because of that, she’s probably been one of my most influential art teachers,” senior Margaux Eckert said.

Most recently, Bielski had her students working on pop icon art, using Illustrator and other computer programs to incorporate unique LED light patterns.

“I wanted to pursue something that I was truly interested in and doing this project allowed me to reach that goal as an artist,” senior Claire Dooley said.

The students were ecstatic about working on this project, but it definitely wasn’t easy.

First the students used Illustrator to create the template for the icon of their choice. Next, they used Makerspace to cut the icons which were made with plywood and painted them either white or black. Finally, to make the artwork pop, the students used a computer program called Arduino to create the LED patterned lights that would soon be inserted into the icon templates.

“The design part was the easiest and then assembling it was definitely very difficult,” junior Foster Thomas said. “It took two and a half months of none stop hard work to complete this project, but it was totally worth it,” sophomore Kerrigan Weston said.

Some of the student work is currently in display in the library.