Finals Before Break: A Quote Story


Logan Hanekamp

With finals right around the corner, teachers and students are stressed with adjusting to the new schedule. While some people are hopeful and some others are unsure, it seems most people are not fans of the new schedule. True judgment cannot truly be determined until after finals are over, but here are how some students are feeling before finals. In search of honest responses, TFS spoke with anonymous Lake Forest students regarding their experiences, stories, and personal perspective on the matter.

All quotes presented in this article are from anonymous Lake Forest High School students.

“Finals before break is the worst thing that happened to LFHS since I’ve been here.”

“Teacher’s are piling up so many tests this week that we have no time to study for finals.”

“I have no time to study everything is crammed.”

“Winter break will be more enjoyable.”

“It feels rushed.”

“We used to have a lot more time.”

“We can’t even check our grades during winter break because PowerSchool is shut down. Winter break will STILL be stressful.”

“It’s a weight off your shoulder, except, maybe not, because we can’t check PowerSchool.”

“What’s with the two weeks of first semester after finals. Isn’t the final suppose to be, well, the final grade. This makes finals seem less important to the overall grade, even if it’s no different.”

“I am keeping an open mind and will have a better judgement after finals are over.”

“I thought that the week before finals was used to review, not give tests in every class.”

“It’s not the teachers’ fault they are giving tests this week, it is just the new schedule’s fault.”