Consumer Ed


Charlie Anderson

We constantly hear that we never learn the essential skills in life during the time we spend at high school. People make the claims that you do not learn how to do your taxes or run a budget. Luckily, over the period of the last five months, I have been in enrolled in a course that we do just that. Ms. Kelly Dexter teaches 7th period Consumer Education and offers assistance in learning these everyday skills.

The class has an array of different students from sophomores to seniors all willing and ready to learn about the new subject we are studying that day, whether it is doing a practice 1040 form or learning about identity theft and how to protect yourself. Sophomore Andrew Schwan had this to say when I asked him why he took the class, “I thought it would teach me useful skills for the real world.” Andrew is one of very few juniors in the class, yet he still comes with same enthusiasm everyday.

Ms. Dexter, who teaches the class, also offers an environment where work must be done but fun can be had in the process. For example, if we are working on a very difficult tax activity then she will lighten it up and do a skit about identity theft and fraud. Ms. Dexter thinks you should enroll in Consumer Education next semester or next year because, “It offers a true opportunity for a mixture between fun and hard-work that will be relevant for you later in life.”

Taking Consumer Education will offer you an experience to be more ready for the real world and have a fun time in the process.