The Friendliest Face at LFHS


Danny Fisher

Many of us seniors think we know Mrs. Hektor, the cheerful and kind study hall teacher, but do we really? I present to you: the friendliest face at Lake Forest High School.

She grew up in the blue collar community of Elmwood Park, Illinois, just west of Chicago after her parents came from Canada in 1955. Breezing through high school, which she described as ‘great’, she took her love of learning to Western Illinois University. Yet it doesn’t seem like she has left her glory days behind her. Her fascination with ancient civilizations, and trying to understand the way they lived, led her to study archeology. Two short semesters later, with her Dad questioning what she would do with an archeology degree, she left school and ventured out into the ‘real world’.

She jumped right in, buying her own place and working two jobs, all at the age of 21. Through it all, she kept the same bright smile on her face we are accustomed to seeing everyday.

Some of the most important things Mrs. Hektor values are her relationships, especially with her husband of 25 years, Fred. Meeting on a blind date set up by his best friend, Corey, they hit it off and the rest is history. Together, they own bars and restaurants in Kenosha. One day, Fred suggested they move to Lake Forest. Not even knowing where it was at the time, her adventurous personality didn’t allow her to hesitate at the opportunity.

Shortly after moving to Lake Forest, her neighbor invited her to Exmoor Country Club for some curling. With her parents well infused in the sport, she immediately fit right in. After joining the team, Mrs. Hektor and her fellow curlers took their talents to McFarland, Wisconsin, for Club Nationals. Naturally, they took the gold medal in a very competitive atmosphere which featured teams from all over the United States.

Fast forward to 2011 and as a stay-at-home mom, Hektor didn’t feel as involved as she should be. So, when her friend mentioned an opening in a part-time cafeteria position at LFHS, true to form, she jumped right in. Her instant contributions to cafeteria prompted Quest, our food service, to open what is now ‘The Grind.” With Hektor at the helm of the operation and her restaurant business instincts oozing into the project, the coffee shop has been the best addition to LFHS in recent memory. Once again, through this transition, her positive outlook and optimism made the coffee shop a reality.

Mrs. Hektor loved her time in the cafeteria and coffee shop, mostly because of the easy communication she had with a whole variety of students. Her compassion for all of us was displayed behind a counter, but now can be shown in Senior Study Hall.

Her long terms plans consist of a semi-retirement with her husband in beautiful Tucson, Arizona. From there, they will travel the world, experiencing life through adventure. “If I want to do something, I find a way to accomplish it. I’ve never put boundaries or limits on myself.”

But for now, she continues to lay down the law in the Upper Commons. “You never know what a student’s situation is, or where they are coming from. If I can bring a smile to their face or make them feel better, it is my pleasure to do that.” LFHS is now a place of more smiles and more kids who feel better every day, in large part thanks to Mrs. Hektor.