Stairways to Heaven?


Stephen Young and Michael Vallone

In a school with ten staircases, some are better than others. Some are completely out of the way, some are forgotten about, and some only go up to the second floor. All students at Lake Forest High School have their likes and dislikes of certain staircases, and many students have strong opinions. It was discovered through extensive research and interviews that staircases K, I, and G are the three most hated staircases in the school. K and I are disliked due to their high population during passing periods, and G is famously known as the staircase that stops at the second floor.  

Staircase K

“I’ve gotten stepped on in there” – Ashley Bufe

“It gets crowded as heck” – Gianluca Minetti

“I avoid it during passing periods” -Mr. DelFava

“That thing gets way too crowded, and every once in awhile there’s food all over the place” – Andrew Levin


Staircase I



“Staircase I is gross, sometimes it smells because there are so many people in there” – Claire Mahoney

“There are a lot of bodies in staircase I” – Carter Horan

“It’s the worst intersection in Lake Forest” – Lino Caputo

“That one, that one stinks” – Emilio Von Borke

“There are always like five freshmen girls just standing in the middle” – Ryan Antrim

“People walk like three people across and it messes the whole system up” – Will Thomas

Staircase G

“Staircase G is trash; it’s so annoying” – Will Dee

“It’s dumb” – Brady Christoph

“That one drives me crazy” – Jackson Meadow

“Ah dude I hate that one, that messed me up freshman year” – Chris Barrere

“I really just don’t like the one that goes up two flights, it really just sucks” – Gage Messner