Student Led Bands: Carpool


Susanna Noble, Staff Writer

Avenue was the original name of what many LFHS students know today as Carpool. These seniors have been playing together for two years now, and while they all plan on going to college next year, they all are up for continuing to play together over breaks.

“Anthony and Griffin started the band and then said ‘Hey want to come?’ and we became Avenue,” said Garrett Carden, the band’s bass player.

They changed their name to Carpool Crew after Carden pointed out to the other members that he drove them everywhere.

“A lot of people in a class that Griffin, Sam and I were in said we should drop the Crew, so we did and now we are Carpool,” said Anthony Maranto, the drummer of Carpool.

All of the members are involved musically in other ways here at LFHS. You can find Maranto and Carden in Band, Griffin Larson, the guitarist, in Orchestra, and Sam Randall, the singer, in Choir.

Carpool was originally Larson, Maranto and Carden. Randall joined them a year later. There were collective laughs as Randall recalled how he was invited and joined the band.

“I was talking to Anthony and Griffin and I said ‘Oh yeah I sing,’ and they both said ‘Interesting…’ Then, we practiced a few days later and afterwards, we all were like ‘Yeah we are in a band together.’”

Carpool, while all the members have different tastes of music, enjoys playing classic rock for their audiences in Lake Forest and Lake Bluff. Look out for Carpool this school year.