Mustangs Use Strong 3rd Quarter to Blowout Scouts


Bobby Winebrenner, Editor, Boys Basketball Beat Reporter

As a student journalist, I’d feel bad slandering the team for whom many of my good friends play. Thus, I’ll be nice and say they didn’t play great on Tuesday night against Mundelein. If I’m being honest, the contest was downright ugly to watch. The two teams battled back and forth to start, but Mundelein ultimately used a huge 3rd quarter to win 45-22.

Three pointers from Jake Fisher and Michael Pasquella for Lake Forest and Conor Enright for Mundelein led to a heated first quarter which finished with a 9-8 lead in favor of the visiting Mustangs. The second quarter was similar; however, inside scoring dominated the second period, and Mundelein went into half leading 18-14.

That’s when things turned ugly for the home Scouts. Mundelein used a 17-2 run in the third quarter which made the score 35-16 after three quarters. Scottie Ebube sent Lake Forest shots all over the place as his low-post presence was certainly felt. The 6’8” center also made things tough on the offensive end as his size was too much for the Scouts to handle at times. During the brutal third quarter, Coach LaScala’s team couldn’t get any sort of dribble penetration or good looks at the rim.

The fourth quarter was largely played by reserves for each team as the game was simply out of hand at that point. There’s not much to say as Mundelein’s huge third quarter propelled them to victory and made the game a blowout towards the end. The Scouts seemed to struggle with an offensive identity. Possessions consisted of pump fake and pass as no player had the demeanor to take over and get a much-needed bucket. With a long season ahead, Lake Forest will need to find a player to turn to for a bucket when things aren’t going well or else many more games down the road will end like this one.

Mundelein was an impressive team but the scoreboard shouldn’t have been this lopsided. The Scouts hope to get back on the right track on Friday as they travel to Lake Zurich at 5:15PM.